Critical Infrastructure Project: Coverdell and Vet Med Underground Chilled Water Piping


This project will extend underground chilled water distribution lines between Coverdell and CVM, a necessary enabling activity to support the Veterinary Medicine Anatomy Laboratory project.  This project is also part of FMD's long range strategic plan to provide redundancy and resilience to the chiller capacity for the Coverdell building and will address long standing issues with the temperature of the processed chilled water that is delivered to laboratory equipment throughout the Coverdell building.

Construction begins Monday, May 18 and extends until August 1. Portions of Brooks Drive, several sidewalks, and a number of parking spaces will be either partially closed or detoured.   There are several ways around these closures for those on foot – particularly through the elevated parking lots near Coverdell or from the east side of the CVM complex. Because this project crosses the road completely with the excavation, the sidewalks leading up to Driftmier will be cutoff on both sides. Pedestrian detours are clearly marked.