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Facilities Management Division

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Mission Statement   

FMD maintains and enhances the learning environment through quality service and stewardship of UGA’s natural and physical resources. We are a respectful and welcoming workplace that provides seamless service built on integrity, teamwork, and excellence.



Why Statement

As the heartbeat of the university, we champion its mission and sustain its resources to serve the state of Georgia and beyond.  We create inviting and safe environments that allow students, faculty, staff, and visitors to learn, grow, innovate, and thrive. 

We are Focused, Motivated, Dependable. We are FMD.



Core Values

Integrity Personal and Professional

  • Maintain the highest degree of personal integrity, accountability and professional ethics
  • Emphasize honesty, dependability, teamwork, and open communication
  • Commit to productive and conscientious performance of our responsibilities

Teamwork through Mutual Respect and Fairness

  • Value people as our greatest resource, maximize employee potential, appreciate diversity and treat everyone with fairness and respect 
  • Provide an enjoyable and safe work environment
  • Involve employees and other stakeholders in the decision-making process

Excellence in Service and Innovation

  • Focus on customer service and build partnerships 
  • Add value by sharing our facilities management expertise to excel as the campus provider of choice
  • Encourage creativity, innovation and opportunities to learn


To contact the Work Request Center by phone call 706.542.7456