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Automotive service & repair (Athens area)

The automotive center operates a full service maintenance and repair facility for all of UGA’s registered vehicles.  Certified automotive technicians perform regularly scheduled services and repairs necessary to return vehicles to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.


Scheduled Service

Regularly scheduled service intervals are generally set to six months or five thousand miles, whichever comes first, according to the standards established by the State Office of Fleet Management.  Service schedules may vary for specific vehicles according to use and the manufacturer’s recommendation.  Questions about service intervals should be addressed to the UGA Fleet Management Team.


Designated vehicle contacts will receive service reminders to help ensure vehicles are regularly serviced, inspected and safe to operate.


Service is best performed by appointment.  To schedule a service appointment, please call 706-542-7508.  Scheduled services are typically completed on the day of the appointment, barring unforeseen occurrences, such as when inspection reveals a necessary repair.  In such cases, the vehicle contact will be advised of the need for repair.  



Unexpected and/or unscheduled repair concerns may be brought to automotive center as necessary and will be addressed on a “first come – first served” basis.  When practical, calling ahead is recommended.   Some minor repairs such as a nail in a tire, windshield wiper replacement or light bulb replacement can be performed quickly in the service drive.  More time-consuming repairs may require the vehicle to be placed in queue for the next available technician.  Arrangements can be made for rental vehicles to be used during the repair process (UGA Rentals)

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Towing and Recovery

If your vehicle is unsafe to drive and/or continued driving may cause further damage, please arrange to have the vehicle towed to the automotive center.  The automotive center uses Shuman’s towing service at 706- 543-4349.  Shuman offers discounted rates for towing in the Athens area.


Collision Reporting

Instructions for reporting collision damage can be found at


Out-of-town Breakdowns

For vehicles based in the Athens area and normally serviced at the automotive center, drivers who experience an out-of-town breakdown can call 1-866-329-3471 to speak with a WEX representative.  The WEX representative can help navigate the repair process. Please be sure to have your WEX card and driver PIN available.