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Automotive service & repair (outside Athens area)

For automotive service and repair, outside of the Athens area, the State of Georgia has contracted with Holman (formerly ARI) for automotive service and repair.  Holman is the State of Georgia’s fleet management partner.


Scheduled Service

For enrolled vehicles, Holman provides a coupon book for regularly scheduled service. Regularly scheduled service intervals are generally set to six months or five thousand miles, whichever comes first, according to the standards established by the State Office of Fleet Management.  Service schedules may vary for specific vehicles according to use and the manufacturer’s recommendation.  Questions about service intervals should be addressed to the UGA fleet management team.


For a list of approved service providers contact the UGA Fleet Management Team


When bringing your vehicle to an approved service provider, be sure to inform the service provider that your vehicle is a fleet vehicle enrolled in a Holman maintenance program.  For regularly scheduled service it will be helpful to provide the approved service provider with the coupon.


Additional questions regarding the Holman fleet maintenance program can addressed to the UGA fleet management team or call 706-542-3393.



Unexpected and/or unscheduled repair concerns can be directed to approved service providers.


Towing and recovery

For enrolled vehicles, towing and recovery service is available 24/7 by calling the Holman fleet maintenance team at 1-800-227-2273.


Collision reporting

Instructions for reporting collision damage can be found at DOAS accident reporting page( )