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Support Services FAQ

Q: How do I receive an estimate for moving items or for a special event? 
A: Please call our office at (706) 542-7584 to schedule an estimate and walk-through consultation.

Q: What items are available to rent for special events?
A: Please view our special event items and rental prices. (PDF)

Q: How can I request pallets, batteries or hardback books to be picked up? 
A: Please place a work order.

Additional Q&A’s:

  • Q: What are the charges for moving items?
    A: Support Services charges are based on $32.00, per man, per hour, our crews work in groups of 3 people. These charges are based on Mon – Fri, 8am-5pm. If work is required outside our normal hours, please contact 706-542-7584.


  • Q: What should we package items in for moving?
    A: Support Services has plastic totes and dollies available for rent, you may purchase boxes and use them. We prefer the plastic totes due to their durability.


  • Q: What is the time frame to get items moved?
    A: Please refer to the Support Services Moving Guidelines listed under the Departmental Moves section.


  • Q: Does Support Services provide table cloths?
    A: No, You would have to provide you own.


  • Q: Does Support Services have High Boy Tables for rent?
    A: No, but we can provide you with names of local rental companies that do have them.


  • Q: Does Support Services have Tents for rent?
    A: No


  • Q: Does Support Services supply Flowers or Greenery?
    A: No


  • Q: Does Support Services have Extension Cords to rent?
    A: No


  • Q: Does Support Services have Heaters and Fans?
    A: No


  • Q: Does Support Services handle Pole Banners on Campus?
    A: Support Services is responsible for changing the pole banners out on Campus, but this is done at the discretion of UGA Marketing and Communications.


For Guidelines and Procedures: (PDF)