Maintenance Project Management

Looking for a map of active construction projects? Please click here for more information.

The Maintenance Project Management Department has a mission to oversee the coordination and scheduling of facility repairs and renovations. The department is responsible for planning construction events in the safest, most seamless, disruption-free manner possible and intelligently maximizing allotted funds to remain within forecasted budget constraints. We focus on repurposing structures to keep them up to current standards, renovating existing spaces to ensure enhanced research, service-learning and educational environments for all. We take pride in acting as stewards of the university's resources, all while continuing to facilitate complex maintenance projects that will last well into the future.

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Did you know, North Campus retains a collection of buildings that date all the way back to 1806? Through the meticulous repair, renovation and upkeep of these sites, the Maintenance Project Management department is able to reduce waste, keep older buildings up to standard and prolong the lifecycle of historic structures -- all while preserving the world-class learning environment found only at the birthplace of higher education.