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About Grounds

The Grounds Department is responsible for the landscapes, roads, and walkways that comprise the main campus exterior, providing:

  • Landscape architectural design
  • Tree, shrub and turf management
  • Paving and heavy equipment construction
  • Surveying and utility location information
  • Sign program management
  • Pest management
  • Stormwater management and organic recycling

Of the 800+ acres of campus that the Grounds Department maintains, there are approximately 90 acres of sidewalk, 43 acres of streets, 136 acres of landscape beds, 180 acres of turf, 69 acres of natural areas, and 5  acres of rain gardens.   

Organization Chart

Grounds Org Chart

Click here for a pdf copy of the Org Chart (PDF)

Contact Information

Brett Ganas, Director
(706) 542-3684

Shelly M. Prescott, Assistant Director
(706) 542-7178

Chris Swann​, Design Manager and Sign Shop
(706) 542-7530

Clay Dally, Construction Manager 

Dennis Peterson, Landscape Manager
(706) 583-5574

Sinnie Wilbon, Administrative Assistant
(706) 542-3684