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Landscape Maintenance and Horticulture

The UGA Grounds Department is responsible for the landscape maintenance of the main campus in Athens. We are committed to enriching the learning experience by creating and nurturing UGA’s campus environment with professionalism, leadership, and vision. We strive to maintain a safe, attractive and sustainable environment for all to enjoy 

The UGA campus is designated as an Arboretum and also is a Tree Campus USA.  

The landscape staff was awarded a Green Star Honor Award in 2022 from the Professional Grounds Maintenance Society. This award shows the commitment and professionalism that each employee takes in maintaining this campus. 

The total area is approximately 800 acres that is maintained each week. We have Maintenance crews, Landscape crews, Integrated Pest Management crews, Pruning crews, Irrigation crew, and Tree crews. The main campus is divided into 7 zones. See map. 

General maintenance includes weeding, edging, mowing, blowing and pest management. The Grounds Department endeavors to be proactive in maintaining the campus landscape especially where weeds and pest are concerned. All of the maintenance debris taken to the Bio-conversion Facility where it is composted and used later in beds all over campus. Training is an integral part of of our operation. The Grounds Academy trains our staff to properly maintain the campus and to recognize potential pest and weeds.

Irrigation of the campus is controlled by automatic irrigation systems that have rain sensors and can be controlled by a centralized computer. Conservation of our water resources are a vital part of our irrigation plan.

Trees are an important part of our campus and a valuable resource. The Grounds Department has a dedicated tree crew consisting of two certified tree surgeons and two operators. This crew is responsible for maintaining all trees on campus with appropriate pruning and tree care. When needed, certified arborists are consulted to perform tree health assessments and evaluate the safeness of trees. We plant new trees every year to replace those lost during the year.

Our scope of services includes: 
  • Shrub maintenance 
  • Flower installation and maintenance 
  • Turf maintenance 
  • Tree health care 
  • Pest management 
  • Irrigation management 
  • Landscape renovation 
  • Storm drain management 
  • Inclement weather response