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UGA Vehicle Rental

The automotive center operates a rental fleet of approximately thirty vehicles including sedans, minivans, twelve passenger vans, work vehicles.

Full time UGA employees may rent vehicles for UGA business related travel.

To reserve a vehicle visit the UGA rental site .  New users contact the rental program coordinator at or call 706-542-7526

Rental vehicle driver must comply with the UGA Motor Vehicle use policy (PDF).


Value added services

Onsite parking – rental customers make leave their personal vehicles parked at the automotive center for no charge during the term of the rental.  Parking is inside a securely fenced area during non-business hours.  Rental customers are given a gate key to return rentals and retrieve personal vehicles after hours.


Fuel included – each rental vehicle has its own fuel purchase card.  Fuel purchase cards may be used to for wholesale fuel at the automotive center during normal business hours or retail fuel at most retail fueling locations. Drivers must be sure to complete DOAS fuel card acknowledgement in order to receive a fuel PIN.  Completion certificates and 810/811 number, on which the PIN is based, can be emailed to  Drivers are encouraged to verify that their fuel PIN’s are active before leaving the rental office.


Maintenance included – rental vehicles are enrolled in maintenance programs endorsed by the State of Georgia.  If you have a maintenance concern during regular business hours (8 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday), please contact the rental office at 706-542-7526.  After hours and/or outside the Athens area, please call 1-800-CAR-CARE (1-800-227-2273).


Insurance & Collision repairs – Rental vehicles will given a walk around inspection prior to departure.  Unrepaired damage larger than a peach will be noted.  Damage during the term of the rental should be reported to NetClaims via or 1-877-656-7475


Inter-departmental billing - Rental charges are processed via inter-departmental billing.  Rental rates are published in the rental portal.  Customers will be asked for a valid SPEED-TYPE (abbreviated chart-string) as part of the booking process.  Customers will receive an invoice via email when rental transactions are closed.


Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions are posted in the rental portal.  Additionally, a copy is emailed to customers with their booking confirmation.