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Fleet Management

The fleet management team at the automotive center works to ensure that all vehicles in use by UGA are safe and utilized in an efficient and cost effective manner in accordance with the guidelines established by the State of Georgia.  The primary policy documents governing the Use and Assignment of Motor Vehicles, Purchase, Operation and Disposal of Motor Vehicles and Associated Record-keeping are OPB Policy 10 and the Georgia Fleet Management Manual.


OPB Policy 10

(Click to view OPB Policy 10 (PDF))


Georgia Fleet Management Manual

(Click to view Georgia Fleet Management Manual (PDF))


Questions regarding these policies and their application can be addressed to the UGA fleet management team at or call 706-542-7522.


Motor Vehicle Use

Safe vehicle operation begins with drivers who properly authorized to drive in accordance with the UGA Motor Vehicle Use policy (PDF) and who follow the State of Georgia's Driver Safety Tips.


Routine care and maintenance

Before each trip drivers must visually inspect their vehicle to ensure that unreported damages and/or mechanical concerns are noted and appropriately addressed.


To ensure vehicles are maintained in good working order,  the UGA fleet management team monitors usage and service standards established by the State of Georgia in applicable policy documents.  The fleet management team notifies designated vehicle contacts via email when vehicles do not meet the established standards.


Vehicle contacts and related information can be updated at UGA Vehicle Lookup Site.



In addition to routine care and maintenance, the fleet management team monitors open recalls from vehicle manufacturers.  Designated vehicle contacts will be routinely advised of open recalls for their vehicles.  Vehicle contacts must ensure that recall work is performed in a timely manner to help protect drivers from injury and protect the organization from liability.


Asset Tracking

The fleet management team works closely with the UGA asset management team to in-process new vehicles and out-process old vehicles.  The fleet management team operates a temporary holding area for surplus vehicles at the automotive center in Athens.


Vehicle procurement

The vehicle purchase process begins with a vehicle request form in UGAMart.  The fleet management team works with the procurement team as necessary to facilitate the process. 

Vehicle acquisitions are screened for compliance with OPB Policy 10 utilization standards ( Click here for OBP Policy 10 (PDF) )